12 Questions #1

Welcome to our new occasional series of interviews with Selador artists…

#1 – Steve Parry chats to Luke Brancaccio.

Well as you know Luke, We wanted to start a new series of Selador interviews where one Selador artist interviews another, who then interviews another and so on. We thought it would be a good way for us all in the Selador family to connect and also do things a little differently. So no pressure, as you’re up first…

S – Well as you know Luke, We wanted to start a new series of Selador interviews where one Selador artist interviews another, who then interviews another and so on. We thought it would be a good way for us all in the Selador family to connect and also do things a little differently. So no pressure, as you’re up first… 

S- Obviously these are very crazy times, so we have to talk about them first – so how have you been keeping yourself busy? (keep it clean please!). i know you had ordered a fancy new synth, has it arrived yet? Have you been making music? Making DJ mixes? What else have you been doing, as I know that you’re a bit of a fidget who cant keep still at the best of times…  

L – Apart from the obvious because I have to ‘keep it clean’ (spoil sport) I have been diving head first into my new Moog Subsequent 37, it’s an absolute monster and has been frying my brain, I find it hard to learn new tricks as my brain in properly lazy unlike my body but I’m absolutely loving it. Has really helped kill some time. I have also been doing a load of mixes and started my own solo project which is long over due. I can never keep still which is really difficult in times like these. 

S – What do you think will change with peoples attitudes, clubland, music or in general life once this crazy epidemic is over? 

L – Although there has been a lot of horrid behaviour with the panic buying and hoarding, there has also been an overwhelming sense of community and people really looking out for each other which has been very prominent in the music community, I really hope and think this will carry on after this has passed. I think music and clubland will have more of an appreciation of actual punters as they are the ones getting us through these hard times. 

S – I see you’ve lined up a mini Argentinian tour once we are all allowed back out and about again, how is the DJ diary? Have you had to postpone/cancel a lot of gigs? 

L – Yeah very excited about that and looks like it could turn in to a rather big tour if everything sorts itself out. I had to cancel all my gigs which was awful but obviously necessary. I’m not one to dwell so I’m over it now and enjoying the time making music 

S – Every Dj and the dog (or cat in your case) seems to be doing live streams. What are your thoughts of them, and any plans to do anything like this yourself? 

L – I love them, it also is bringing everyone together as much as it is possible. Quite funny we have all become bedroom DJs again though 😂

S – Talk to us about Selador, we were delighted when we first got some demos from you, and then signed tracks from your good self. What made you choose us as a label to send demos to? 

L – I could never resist Steve Parry’s beautiful blue eyes, mesmerising. I love what you guys have been doing and you only seem to get better and better with age (that’s in looks as well). The calibre of artist you have in insane and I love the way you champion the little guy as well. It’s as good as any major league label. It is a major league label. 

S – Apart from ourselves, which labels are on your ‘hit list’ of labels you want to release music on? 

L – So many, I literally almost signed to Fryhide recently which would have been amazing except for a slight conflict of interest but I had the the contract in my hand, also Crosstown Rebels got in touch about signing a tune but I had signed a few days before to someone else. Both of those labels are on my bucket list, Innervisions is another. 

S – You’ve been working with Cyperpunx lately and to great effect, signing several cuts to to Bedrock, have you got more unreleased stuff with them? and how di that collab come about? 

L – We are currently working on a few things together. I’ve known the guys forever, I used to live with the one that does the vocals in a house in a graveyard, it was an absolute shit show of carnage but we have all grown up now…. we’ll kinda 

S – You’re tending to make lots of collaborations, Is it something you feel more comfortable doing? 

L – I much prefer working with other people, I get bored easily and I like the shits and giggles that come with working with others, I can do everything myself but until recently have backed off from working on my own but this year I’m going to spend half the time on my solo project. Very exciting.

S – Your good lady Kiki has featured on vocals for many of your tracks including our collaboration ‘Control machine’, have you had her singing / taking non stop lately for new vocals? Or has she been working lots with her day job? 

L -Kiki and I, along with Gai Barone are working on an album together which is very exciting. Also our new tune ‘Monsters’ is out on Bedrock on the 3rd of April. Working with her is great because when you have a vocal you can get away a lot less musically and she has a fantastic voice. I’m sure she will say different than me as I can be a bit difficult to work with at times 😬

S – What else is in the pipeline musically for you?

L – Tons of stuff, solo project, the album (which is going to be on a huge label that I can’t reveal at the moment), tours etc etc. The future is looking good if we don’t all get the lurgy 

S – What tracks or artists are you really liking at the moment? 

L – I’m loving Doppel at the moment. There are so many bad ass producers out there it’s ridiculous. Check out Dopples remix of ‘Raindance’ it’s huuuge!

S – When are we making another new tune together? (ducks and hides as you’ve been trying to a date down for ages!) 

L – Do not get me bloody started, you may have beautiful blue eyes but that’s taking the biscuit 🍪 xx

S – Thanks Luke for being first up in our new Selador , your turn to be question master next, pick your artist and get thinking of some questions!




Out Now: EdOne feat. Pakk ‘Madness Dose/Dangerous’ EP

Label favourite EdOne cements his position as a key player on the Selador team with yet another EP (his 3rd for the label) of quality and distinction. 

Having already scored a Top 20 Melodic House smash this year with the sublime ‘Dissection’ on Dixon & Amé’s Innervisions imprint, the prolific Swiss based, Spanish born producer returns with a double barrelled weapon that hits the spot with pinpoint accuracy.  

‘Madness Dose’ combines a strident heavy groove with lethal dynamics and all kinds of wondrous audio alchemy ensues. Stand back and enjoy the fireworks. 

‘Dangerous’ meanwhile offers a more seductive route to dance floor destruction with Ed’s unerring melodic sensibilities underpinning the dulcet tones of Pakk. File under Heavenly Melancholy. 

Remix duties this time are expertly handled by one of the long time, leading lights of the Turkish electronic scene, Alican and hotly tipped Danish breakout star, Nandu who both do themselves proud.  

All in all, it’s another win, win situation. 

Let the games begin. 

Team Selador



Out Now: 3D EP 3 by Danny Howells, Darren Emerson & Dave Seaman

The 3D DJs return with a spring in their step and the bit between their teeth all ready to complete their trilogy of EPs for Selador and arguably, they may have saved the best ‘til last. 

With Darren, Dave & Danny now firmly ensconced in the studio together working on a collaborative album project, this EP signals the final piece in the trio’s original concept of releases where each contributes an individual track. 

Danny opens proceedings this time with ‘Shortwave’, an ever present in his sets over the last year that finally gets to see the light of day. Listeners with a keen ear may recognise this as the track the 3Ders opened their Mixmag Lab session with in LA last year. A delicious slice of uplifting Howells house. 

Darren is next up with ‘Sleeping Bag’, a paean to the legendary NYC imprint that combines a sublime house groove and a seductive arpeggio with spellbinding results.  Proper classy business straight outta Billericay. 

And last but by no means least, Dave weighs in ‘Press 1 For Human’, a veritable banger loaded with off kilter synth sirens and a bass line so muscular that we demand a dope test. Innocent until proven guilty though and be warned, we have very expensive lawyers!  

All for one and one for all, three is the magic number.

Team Selador 



Steve Parry ‘Spion 10’ Out Now

For our second release of the decade it’s time for the other half of the label’s illustrious management team to step forward as Steve Parry’s Spion 10 takes the spotlight in our shop window. 

After the success of last year’s ‘Don’t Your Ever Stop’ on John Digweed’s Bedrock and his collaboration with Luke Brancaccio, ‘Control Machine’ being voted amongst Beatport’s Best Melodic House & Techno tracks of 2019, Steve’s reputation as a producer has certainly flourished and 2020 promises to see his status soar further. 

Spion 10 is a futurist affair that will quicken pulses and melt minds in equal measure. An electronic adventure of seismic proportions. Not for the faint hearted. 

Its bedfellow on this release comes in the shape of a brand new mix of Steve’s ‘Waterfloor’ track that originally appeared on our last Showcase compilation. Re-rub duties fall to Israeli producer, Yost Koen who continues his rich vein of form that has seen him shine brightly on such esteemed labels as Innervisions and Watergate. 

Team Selador – Taking care of business



Dave Seaman ‘Donkey Engine’ EP Out Now

Selador open their account for 2020 and first in to bat is label supremo Dave Seaman who takes the bull by the horns, kicking some proverbial ass with the memorably titled ‘Donkey Engine’. 

This Afro infused slice of rhythmic Melodic Techno first surfaced last year on the label’s Ninth Showcase compilation where it shone brightly, picking up a slew of rave reviews and consequently earning itself a well deserved upgrade to fully fledged single status. 

To kick start the new year in style we’ve assembled a crack team of producers to take on remix duties starting with an artist who we’ve been trying to lure for some time and finally managed to ensnare, the elusive Doctor Dru. The German turns in a fine specimen of a mix, all pulsating synths and infectious quirkiness. Irresistible. 

Next up, Diynamic’s leading lady Magdalena comes up trumps with a triumphant melodic opus that disregards conventional remix wisdom and steadfastly goes its own way. We’re still straining to hear any of the original parts but frankly, who cares when it’s this good?! 

Last but by no means least, the legends that are the Stereo MC’s throw another curveball at proceedings with a left of centre, low slung workout that really does stand apart from the crowd. Consummate craftsmanship at its most assured. 

Happy New Year y’all. 

Team Selador – 2020 visionaries.