Quivver ‘Brand New Medicine’ EP Out Now


Greetings friends, please step this way, the doctor will see you now. Yes, we are delighted to have one of the leading lights of our profession back on the Selador frontline as Dr John ‘Quivver’ Graham prescribes his Brand New Medicine EP. One of the last consignments to leave the Los Angeles lab that has been his home for the last 10 years before he relocates back to his beloved Coventry in the UK, this awesome foursome has all the necessary ingredients to knock your socks off.

The title track is archetypal Quivver with John’s own vocal refrain underpinned by a menacing bass and classic Electro & Techno influences. ‘Lights Down’ then comes in two very different flavours. Part 1 is unapologetically retro with it’s chunky bass and synth stabs getting right to the heart of the action whilst Part 2 heads off in a thoroughly modern Tech House direction – all pharmaceutically charged, single-minded, unabated energy. Finally ‘I Remember You’ tops things off with it’s understated groove and subtle on-trend sound palette. Not to be overlooked.

Together, this quartet is recommended daily or should symptoms persist but be careful on the dosage, you’re messing with the best 😉

Selador Recordings – The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill!


Raw District ‘Taking You Down’ EP Out Now

raw-district-2Out of Belgium, Massimo DaCosta & Vernon Bara, aka Raw District, make their Selador debut with an EP overflowing with both style and substance. Following recent releases on the likes of Crosstown Rebels, Moon Harbour and Souvenir, the duo have made quite an impact since their first outing only 3 years ago and their growing reputation continues here.

Their two original contributions on this EP demonstrate the pair’s ability to switch effortlessly between light and shade. From the brooding melancholy of Taking You Down which features the sumptuous vocal of Jinadu to the sinister robotic tech of Monday Mood these guys can definitely make the rough with the smooth.

In true Selador style we’ve also assembled a dream team of remixers that takes the release positively stratospheric. The collective powers of Animal Trainer, Metodi Hristov and Habischman are on full display for all to see and hear. Buckle up!

And with that, the stars align once more. Just how they should be.

Selador Recordings – Precision engineering. X


Han Haak ‘Insipid Town’ Out Now


The mysterious Han Haak has been with us from the start. He was the creator of our second release way back in May 2013 when we were just knee high to a grasshopper, still teething and not sleeping through the night! Now we’re all grown up and arguably a bit wiser, it was only fitting to invite him back and the Insipid Town EP is the result. Born out of a dark alley on the wrong side of the tracks, the original teems with raw unbridled energy and plays by it’s own rules. Watch your back!

The prototype is backed up by not one, not two but three big remixes from a trio of names all fans of Selador will be familiar with. The first comes courtesy of Sir Robert of Babicz who channels inspiration from his his recent visit to the Burning Man Festival into a mystical adventure of seductive acid, sci-fi rushes and a large sprinkling of that magic desert dust. Trippy business. Label head honcho Dave Seaman then weighs in with a muscular melodic techno affair, relentless and uncompromising. Not for the faint of heart.

And Ki Creighton & Makanan return to the fold with a bass heavy, sexy tech house workout that flaunts it’s charms upfront and personal. Dependably deadly.

Another carefully constructed multi layered package that ticks all your boxes, plus a few more besides. It’s what we do 😉

Selador Recordings – like clockwork X


Reloads Volume 4 Compilation Out Now


Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, it’s time for you lucky people to take delivery of another batch of carefully compiled remixes from the Selador archive that we like to call Reloads. This occasional series reaches it’s fourth instalment as another group of cherry picked remixers get their dirty mitts on our former glories and boy, do they come up trumps. Let’s take a look at the runners and riders..

Flying the flag for the ‘Artists’ may we present a heavyweight all-star cast featuring Quivver, Tom Peters, Robert Babicz, Several Definitions, Marc DePulse, Andrea Arcangeli & Pakkio Sans whilst ‘Team Remix’ consists of our challengers Christian Nielsen, Soul Button, Villanova, Framewerk, Paul Nolan and Jaap Ligthart respectively.

It’s a fight-to-the-death, winner-takes-all event not to be missed. Take your positions. Let battle commence.

Selador Recordings – Let’s get ready to rumble!