Selador Showcase – The Eighth Wonder (Part 1) Out Now on Selador

The Selador Showcase sharpens into focus once again returning for another long overdue moment in the spotlight. The lauded compilation series has been the icebreaker on many relationships we now hold dear with several artists starting their journey with the label this way, a tradition we hope is set to continue with this latest collection.

In what has now become a customary haul of the finest fresh dance floor cuts, we have thrown the net out far and wide once more to gather another mightily impressive catch. 

The Eighth Wonder is positively overflowing with international flavours. From Berlin to Buenos Aires via Spain, Canada, Italy, Holland and more, established artists such as James Teej, EdOne, Jaydee and Joris Biesmans sit alongside newer names such as Interaxxis, Artche, Collective States, Impellizeri & Stupia and Tumbling Fields all connected by one common thread – the Selador stamp of approval. 

This Instalment also ups the ante as for the first time, we present the compilation in a DJ Mix format with bossman Steve Parry expertly and seamlessly glueing everything together for your listening pleasure. In fact, the album also contains a very special exclusive offering from the man himself in ‘Michelada’ alongside one or two other carefully chosen gems from the label’s archives. It’s a beast of a mix from one of the most underrated DJs on the planet. Something this very vessel will surely go some way to rectifying. 

Selador – At your service


Out Now: Zoo Brazil feat. Wolf & Moon ‘Thunderstorm’

For our second instalment of 2019, we switch from Switzerland to Sweden and turn our attention to the one and only, Zoo Brazil. 

John Anderson’s resumé is mightily impressive by anyone’s standards, boasting production credits for everyone from Giorgio Moroder to Gui Boratto, Kylie Minogue to Kevin Saunderson and Butch to the BBC. The list goes on. Not to mention the Grammy nomination! 

For his first full release for Selador he enlists two of his most trusted collaborators in the form Wolf & Moon. The singer/songwriters bring added dimension to John’s deliciously lo-slung indie flavoured groove, their repetitive alternating vocal hooks stubbornly etching their way into your subconscious. So much so, we were left with little option but to excitedly wave the white flag and give into their demands immediately. 

Remixes come from one of our own in Mr Dave Seaman who applies a driving club backbone to proceedings in addition to his inimitable sense of dance floor theatrics, whilst Zoo Brazil’s own Club Dub offers a different route to the promised land. A revolving door of hallelujah and glory be. 

Let the heavens open. 

Team Selador

Out Now: Lee Van Dowski ‘Mirage4’ EP

And so a new chapter begins as we open the book on another year of first class electronic releases. To kickstart 2019, Selador is proud as punch to welcome Swiss maestro Lee Van Dowski to our ever growing clan. The esteemed producer drops a top notch three tracker that lays down a marker of things to come, serving intent for the year ahead. 

Cutting edge club music custom built for the dance floor. Selador style. 

Happy New Year y’all.

Team Selador – Fit for purpose. 


Blaktone ‘Under My Skin’ Out Now

To crown what has been a remarkable year for the label, Selador sign off 2018 with a vocal anthem that is sure to be a highlight of many nights out across the festive period. The handiwork of burgeoning Russian production duo Blaktone, it comes lovingly packaged with remixes from 3 label favourites Nicolas Masseyeff, Just Her & Raw District. A veritable embarassment of riches, we may well have gone too far this time! 

Happy Holidays from us to you. With bells on. x

3D Remix EP Out Now

Since it’s inception back in early 2017, the 3D project of Darren Emerson, Danny Howells and our own Dave Seaman has caught fire, set ablaze by two highly successful EPs on Selador and tours across 3 continents.

Both EPs, released earlier this year, featured exclusive individual tracks from the highly respected threesome but came with no remixes. Until now. Enter three of the best producers in the business, all carefully chosen by Darren, Danny & Dave personally to administer their own portrayals Premier League style.  

First up, Darren ‘Dubspeeka’ Beale dispatches a no-nonsense, Deep Techno rework of Darren’s ‘Bub’ from EP 2 with a meticulous precision. It’s moodier than a teenager whose had their smartphone confiscated. Just the way we like it 😉 

Then, Jamie ‘Jimpster’ Odell presents a masterclass in remixing on Danny’s ‘Earthlings X’. Utilising all the original parts to great effect whilst adding a liberal sprinkling of his own magic, one day all remixes will be done this way. Textbook. 

And finally, Marius ‘Re.You’ Maier takes charge of his own lesson in the art of remixing, dropping a perfectly executed adaptation of Dave’s ‘Rodales’ that’s bursting at the seams with flair and imagination. Wowsers! 

It’s re-rub heaven. Our cup runneth over. 

Selador Recordings – Take your brain to another dimension. x