12 Questions #1

Welcome to our new occasional series of interviews with Selador artists…

#1 – Steve Parry chats to Luke Brancaccio.

Well as you know Luke, We wanted to start a new series of Selador interviews where one Selador artist interviews another, who then interviews another and so on. We thought it would be a good way for us all in the Selador family to connect and also do things a little differently. So no pressure, as you’re up first…

S – Well as you know Luke, We wanted to start a new series of Selador interviews where one Selador artist interviews another, who then interviews another and so on. We thought it would be a good way for us all in the Selador family to connect and also do things a little differently. So no pressure, as you’re up first… 

S- Obviously these are very crazy times, so we have to talk about them first – so how have you been keeping yourself busy? (keep it clean please!). i know you had ordered a fancy new synth, has it arrived yet? Have you been making music? Making DJ mixes? What else have you been doing, as I know that you’re a bit of a fidget who cant keep still at the best of times…  

L – Apart from the obvious because I have to ‘keep it clean’ (spoil sport) I have been diving head first into my new Moog Subsequent 37, it’s an absolute monster and has been frying my brain, I find it hard to learn new tricks as my brain in properly lazy unlike my body but I’m absolutely loving it. Has really helped kill some time. I have also been doing a load of mixes and started my own solo project which is long over due. I can never keep still which is really difficult in times like these. 

S – What do you think will change with peoples attitudes, clubland, music or in general life once this crazy epidemic is over? 

L – Although there has been a lot of horrid behaviour with the panic buying and hoarding, there has also been an overwhelming sense of community and people really looking out for each other which has been very prominent in the music community, I really hope and think this will carry on after this has passed. I think music and clubland will have more of an appreciation of actual punters as they are the ones getting us through these hard times. 

S – I see you’ve lined up a mini Argentinian tour once we are all allowed back out and about again, how is the DJ diary? Have you had to postpone/cancel a lot of gigs? 

L – Yeah very excited about that and looks like it could turn in to a rather big tour if everything sorts itself out. I had to cancel all my gigs which was awful but obviously necessary. I’m not one to dwell so I’m over it now and enjoying the time making music 

S – Every Dj and the dog (or cat in your case) seems to be doing live streams. What are your thoughts of them, and any plans to do anything like this yourself? 

L – I love them, it also is bringing everyone together as much as it is possible. Quite funny we have all become bedroom DJs again though 😂

S – Talk to us about Selador, we were delighted when we first got some demos from you, and then signed tracks from your good self. What made you choose us as a label to send demos to? 

L – I could never resist Steve Parry’s beautiful blue eyes, mesmerising. I love what you guys have been doing and you only seem to get better and better with age (that’s in looks as well). The calibre of artist you have in insane and I love the way you champion the little guy as well. It’s as good as any major league label. It is a major league label. 

S – Apart from ourselves, which labels are on your ‘hit list’ of labels you want to release music on? 

L – So many, I literally almost signed to Fryhide recently which would have been amazing except for a slight conflict of interest but I had the the contract in my hand, also Crosstown Rebels got in touch about signing a tune but I had signed a few days before to someone else. Both of those labels are on my bucket list, Innervisions is another. 

S – You’ve been working with Cyperpunx lately and to great effect, signing several cuts to to Bedrock, have you got more unreleased stuff with them? and how di that collab come about? 

L – We are currently working on a few things together. I’ve known the guys forever, I used to live with the one that does the vocals in a house in a graveyard, it was an absolute shit show of carnage but we have all grown up now…. we’ll kinda 

S – You’re tending to make lots of collaborations, Is it something you feel more comfortable doing? 

L – I much prefer working with other people, I get bored easily and I like the shits and giggles that come with working with others, I can do everything myself but until recently have backed off from working on my own but this year I’m going to spend half the time on my solo project. Very exciting.

S – Your good lady Kiki has featured on vocals for many of your tracks including our collaboration ‘Control machine’, have you had her singing / taking non stop lately for new vocals? Or has she been working lots with her day job? 

L -Kiki and I, along with Gai Barone are working on an album together which is very exciting. Also our new tune ‘Monsters’ is out on Bedrock on the 3rd of April. Working with her is great because when you have a vocal you can get away a lot less musically and she has a fantastic voice. I’m sure she will say different than me as I can be a bit difficult to work with at times 😬

S – What else is in the pipeline musically for you?

L – Tons of stuff, solo project, the album (which is going to be on a huge label that I can’t reveal at the moment), tours etc etc. The future is looking good if we don’t all get the lurgy 

S – What tracks or artists are you really liking at the moment? 

L – I’m loving Doppel at the moment. There are so many bad ass producers out there it’s ridiculous. Check out Dopples remix of ‘Raindance’ it’s huuuge!

S – When are we making another new tune together? (ducks and hides as you’ve been trying to a date down for ages!) 

L – Do not get me bloody started, you may have beautiful blue eyes but that’s taking the biscuit 🍪 xx

S – Thanks Luke for being first up in our new Selador , your turn to be question master next, pick your artist and get thinking of some questions!




Steve Parry ‘Spion 10’ Out Now

For our second release of the decade it’s time for the other half of the label’s illustrious management team to step forward as Steve Parry’s Spion 10 takes the spotlight in our shop window. 

After the success of last year’s ‘Don’t Your Ever Stop’ on John Digweed’s Bedrock and his collaboration with Luke Brancaccio, ‘Control Machine’ being voted amongst Beatport’s Best Melodic House & Techno tracks of 2019, Steve’s reputation as a producer has certainly flourished and 2020 promises to see his status soar further. 

Spion 10 is a futurist affair that will quicken pulses and melt minds in equal measure. An electronic adventure of seismic proportions. Not for the faint hearted. 

Its bedfellow on this release comes in the shape of a brand new mix of Steve’s ‘Waterfloor’ track that originally appeared on our last Showcase compilation. Re-rub duties fall to Israeli producer, Yost Koen who continues his rich vein of form that has seen him shine brightly on such esteemed labels as Innervisions and Watergate. 

Team Selador – Taking care of business



Selador to unveil immersive clubbing concept at ADE

We are proud to announce Selador Recordings will launch their Seladoria series of events at the legendary Club NL during this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event on Sunday 20th October with Quivver, EdOne, Luke Brancaccio and Christian Nielsen joining label owners Dave Seaman & Steve Parry behind the decks.

“It’s something we’ve been working on for a while”, says label head honcho, Dave.  “We wanted to bring a little more colour and unpredictability to our events. Something a little more immersive than your standard label showcase”.

He continues.. “Steve & I have both being going to clubs for longer than probably either of us care to remember and we thought we should really try to bring some of our experiences to our own parties. 

The whole idea of going down the rabbit hole into another world for a few hours is very much the ethos of what clubbing should be about for us. A little trip into Wonderland soundtracked by some of the hottest contemporary club music around. A chance to lose yourself in a little cocoon of positivity before coming out the other side with that ‘Did that really just happen?!’ feeling. Well, that’s our aim anyway. And we’re sure as hell going to have fun doing it!”

For for further information and tickets >>  https://www.facebook.com/events/403989267129272/

Out Now: Selador Showcase – The Ninth Wave Compilation

The latest instalment of our Showcase compilation series lands with a trumpeted fanfare heralding the Ninth Wave of exclusive new cuts from a selected handful of the Selador roster. 

Neatly coinciding with the label’s annual adventure to the Amsterdam Dance Event where this year we will kick start our freshly formed Seladoria parties at Club NL on October 20th, it’s almost as if we planned it this way! 😉

Leading from the front, label bosses Dave Seaman & Steve Parry both contribute with individual productions. The former unveiling his huge ‘Donkey Engine’ production that has been a staple in his sets throughout the summer. Afro Techno anyone? 

Steve meanwhile is finally ready to share his tribute to a club that holds a special place in our hearts. Selador have enjoyed a series of fondly remembered parties at Watergate over the last few years and ‘Waterfloor’ is a paean to those treasured memories in Berlin. Fantastisch!

One of Dave & Steve’s long time friends and all round top geezer, the man like Danny Howells then returns to the label following the huge success of his ‘Earthlings X’ release of 2018 with the sublime ‘Dayshift’. Another expertly crafted slice of deepness that will set pulses racing. A touch of class. 

Spanish producer EdOne follows, teaming up with Stas Drive out of Kiev to create a bona fide gem in the form of ‘Poison’. Ironically, it tastes much more like sweet medicine to us. A real tonic for the troops in fact. Drink up! 

A big welcome back to another long time friend of the label next as Acumen provides us with further proof of his undeniable talent with ’Noir Profound’. Effortlessly captivating and affecting, it’s the sound of a master craftsman at work. C’est magnifique! 

And finally, we link up with the label’s Russian connection as Blaktone bring us ‘Saw Mantra’ with the underlying spirit of ‘French Kiss’ coursing through it’s veins albeit with a firmly applied contemporary twist. The St. Petersburg duo straddling past, present and future like a boss. 

Another trip down the rabbit hole complete then. How was it for you? 

Team Selador – Curiouser and curiouser x 


Out Now: Luke Brancaccio & Steve Parry ‘Control Machine’

Despite having known each other for the best part of two decades, Luke Brancaccio & Steve Parry surprisingly, didn’t actually formally meet until 2018. It will come as no surprise however to learn it was their shared passion for dance music that eventually brought them together. 

It could have all worked out differently when back in 2005, Luke didn’t make it to a gig Steve booked him for at his infamous Alderaan nights in Liverpool but that’s a story for another day and their friendship continued to flourish online, blossoming further when Selador signed one of Luke’s tracks for the label’s 5th Birthday project.

It was around this time that the idea of a collaboration was mooted which is where our story gathers pace. The result, as you’d expect, is something special as the duo draw upon their combined wealth of DJ, clubbing and production experience to create a peak time juggernaut by the name of ‘Control Machine’. 

This straight-for-the-jugular beast is also accompanied by an equally large remix courtesy of Brazilian legend, Renato Cohen who builds upon the original’s relentless bassline adding yet more unbridled power and energy. 

Together, it’s a double barrelled weapon alert! 

Team Selador – Specialists in high grade ammunition x