ACID House forever
1 March 2021

Acid House Forever

The spirit of Acid House continues to guide us as we daily eulogise positivity, inclusivity, and the healing powers of music and dancing (right now more than ever). So much so, that we are now delighted to bring you:

Acid House Forever – the t shirt! Cool, huh? Available in classic white or moody black at the Selastore. Set to be a classic and selling fast!

BUY HERE – https://seladorrecordings.com/shop/

Acid House Forever – the playlist! Head over to Spotify, where we are hosting a monster playlist featuring house, techno and all flavours inbetween. Sidestepping the painfully obvious and wilfully obscure, it’s a collection that joins the dots of Acid House culture from 1984-2021 and is the rabbit hole that keeps on giving. Updated every Tuesday.

LISTEN & FOLLOW HERE – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7btSKGocUIe2GsFKDxfG5B?si=Q-X6CcGCTEqBNEV9Rd4ikw

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