Argia X Jepe Acid House Forever Interview
5 April 2023

Argia & Jepe’s Selador Decade Vol 1 collaboration ‘Salitre’ is a sultry builder that wraps you in a blanket of balmy riffs throughout its life-affirming 8 minute running time. As it deservedly makes waves, we asked the duo about working together on this unique release. They also gave us some choice selections for our Acid House Forever playlist.

What made you want to collaborate with each other?

A: I very much like Jepe’s work, been following his career for a long time and it’s been a pleasure doing something together. We had a sound match!

J: Pretty much after a Berlin meeting and conversation. What if we do a collab? Yes, we should do it. Latin magic.

How do you find collaborating remotely?

A: Nowadays it’s the most conventional way. It was fluid. We met each other before working together so it was super easy.

J: Technology and Ableton live makes things very easy – we can feel that on the magic in this track. It’s a bit of Argia and a bit of Jepe. When I added something, something new pops up in Argia’s mind to add.

Please tell a story about one of your playlist picks.

A: When I listened to Frankie Knuckles ‘Your Love’ for the very first time I started thinking what it would be like being a DJ, being able to create mesmerising moments that people need in order to keep a balance.

J: I couldn’t not include Adonis ‘No Way Back’. I came from indie pop – my first contact with Acid House was when one day a girl with a yellow smiley pin badge asked, “what?? You don’t know acid house?” I would never have imagined that I would become a DJ. It was the beginning of raves in Portugal and before I started to DJ (with a club residency in 1995), I was slowly leaving indie and went more into electronic. So I discovered Trax Records 10 years after their first releases, and there was “no way back”.


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