The Seladorian’s Xmas Speech 2021
24 December 2021

The Seladorian’s Xmas Speech 2021

“Many dark shadows will remain whenever we re-emerge blinking into the light of the (ahem) ‘new normal’.”

Prophetic words from our 2020 speech as we reflected on a year like no other. Thing is, we don’t really know if we’re there yet – the new normal that is. The stop start re-openings, the ever-conflicting advice, the ongoing threat…a world still dazed and confused.

Music is the answer? You betcha. More than ever, we find refuge in culture and its unique ability to uplift, inspire, unite. Be it dancefloor euphoria at 2am, a moment of quiet reflection at midnight with a good book, a gobsmacker of a tune on the radio as another day dawns, a thought-provoking movie, a captivating photograph…that unique feeling of escapism while very much rooted in the here & now always resonates.

Here at Selador, we keep on keepin’ on. Creating and discovering new music, sharing it, and wrapping it up in a contextual blanket still drives us. Our Seladoria concept finally got to dip a toe in real life clubland, liked what it saw, and promptly booked flights to take its mix of aural and visual splendour on tour down under next Spring. That’s just the beginning, watch this proverbial space.

These are still the strangest of times. We know we are living through tumultuous, era-defining moments almost daily, but the road ahead remains mind-bogglingly bumpy, and choosing what direction to take at each new turn is harder than ever to fathom.

Last year, we urged a return “to that simple but beautiful premise that the dancefloor is a place of unrelenting positivity, of unquestioned inclusivity – and by its very nature a driver for change.” That still seems like a manifesto worth not only clinging to but shouting from the rooftops. 2022? We’re ready.

Acid house forever!

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