Vinyl Release: The Dave Seaman ‘Remixes’ EP
27 June 2021

We’re very happy to say that our next Selador vinyl release is now available to purchase at our online shop.

The ‘Dave Seaman Remixes’ Vinyl EP featuring 3 of our best selling Selador digital releases, the Rodriguez Jr. rework of ‘Hired State Of Unconsciousness’, the Whitesquare version of ‘Thonk!’ and the Doctor Dru take of ‘Donkey Engine’ are joined by a perviously unreleased remix of ‘Rodales’ by Damon Jee to make up an awesome foursome worthy of any record shelf.

It’s a limited run so don’t miss out. Plus, why not grab a copy of our last vinyl release while you’re at it. The ‘3D Remix EP’ featuring the Jimpster, Ian Pooley and Re.You remixes of Danny Howells, Darren Emerson and Dave’s 3D productions, and save on the postage and packaging ๐Ÿ˜‰

#vinylforever #makingwaxwork

Dave Seaman Remixes Vinyl EP

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