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27 August 2021

What is house?

We’ve been down this road many a time, yeh?

Back in 86, on an early Chicago Trax release, Willie Wonka gave us what at the time was the definitive answer. “Who are these dance music artists from Chicago? Often times they are the club and radio DJs themselves, who understand all too well what the dance music public wants.”

Then things began to move on. House is a feeling, we were reliably informed…a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing…all dating back to that day when Jack viciously threw down on his box. Been there, done that, jacked the groove.

What is acid house?

Now this is where it gets sketchy. Grey areas. Nuances. Hitherto unexpected complexities.

Acid house part one – DJ Pierre & chums discover some crazy squelchy noises on their trusty 303, leave the tape running and bob’s yer uncle, a mutant sub-genre is born. Pierre moves to NYC and tweaks it into wild pitch. Over in Germany, Hardfloor take the blueprint and turn it up to 11. Fast forward 30+ years and it’s still going strong (witness OG Jon Da Silva, Posthuman and their merry I Love Acid crew).

But then we have part two. Pierre’s not really too keen on part two. He told us so. But for most of us, this is where we come in. Not in a studio with a 303, but on a dancefloor, hearts bursting with love, an overwhelming sense of euphoria so strong you feel you can reach out and touch it (and if you could, you wouldn’t let it go, you’d hug it then bottle it). This, my smiley friends, is acid house as culture, as way of life.

If you’ve found your way here, you are clearly already of an acidic persuasion. We are smiley soul mates.

You say: what’s yer name, where yer from, what you on?

We reply: Selador, Seladoria, and we’re on a mission to share music so moving, parties so life affirming and clobber so desirable that you’ll never want to leave. We’re like that Magic Room that Dino Lenny & Doorly told us about – only we’re open all hours.

We have myriad sexy (and smiley, natch) ways you can join in the fun. This here blog is where you can drop by for a read and a natter, leaving refreshed, refuelled and ready for anything.

Acid House Forever 🙂

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