Marc DePulse & Darin Epsilon ‘Diabolos’ EP
19 June 2020
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Two artists who have already left their indelible mark on the Selador story now join forces to write a new chapter in the form of this delicious double header you hold in your grasp. 

Germany’s Marc DePulse comes fresh from his recent release on Diynamic whilst Perspectives boss Darin Epsilon brings his own..   ahem, fresh perspective to the party after upping sticks from his native America to start a new life in Berlin. 

Here they combine with devastating effect, ‘Diabolos’ leading from the front. A no-nonsense brute of a tune that couldn’t be more Selador if Dave Seaman & Steve Parry had spawned a lovechild, (apologies if that is now an image you cannot unseen!) it’s unwavering driving bassline providing the foundation for some detuned arp work to rise and fall in climatic waves. 

All of which comes accompanied by the equally dynamic ‘Overdue’. Another peak time offering that this time brings a more melodic sensibility to the fore. Packed with a visceral energy that takes you to places you’d almost forgotten existed, now we’re just showboating 😉 

Team Selador – Living the lockdown dream  x

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