‘Laura’ EP
3 March 2023





Floormagnet – ‘Laura’
Includes remixes by Zoo Brazil and Circulation
SEL 164
Released 10/3/23

And lo, as they traversed the globe in search of only the very finest in electronic music to set the pulses racing, the Selador pleasure seekers found themselves in Sweden. And here they happened upon Floormagnet, a Stockholm-based collective, huddled round an imposing bank of synths, hammering out a tune so addictive that there was no other option than to sign it on the spot.

But hark, what sensuous sorcery is this drifting into our ears from across the city? Why, ‘tis only our long-time friend Zoo Brazil, he of Seladorian classics ‘Thunderstorm’ and ‘Across My Heart’ fame.

“Hey Zoo, what’s this aural brew you cookin’ up?”
“ I’m just doing a lil’ re-rub of ‘Laura’, a most bodacious new tune from my Scandi pals Floormagnet.”
“Wait. What?! Hold up Zoo – we’ve just signed that!”
“Serendipity. Fate. Karma. Call it what you will my friends but here’s my remix, hope you like it!”

Back in Blighty, frazzled but happy, the seekers are on a mission. The hypnotic original version and pulsating ZB interpretation need a bedfellow to complete the hat trick. A certain someone who can imbue the spirit of the track but with a deep, dreamy je ne sais quoi. Enter stage left, right on cue – why it’s only Circulation!

Mission accomplished. SEL 164 complete. No half measures.

Whoever Laura is, she’s a lucky girl!

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