Folgar Feat. Paula Os ‘Playground’ EP
9 December 2022





Folgar feat. Paula Os


includes remixes from: James Harcourt / Agustin Giri

SEL 162

Released 09/12/22

In this ever-more saturated, fast moving music marketplace, a track needs to be pretty damn special to not only break through, but then have a shelf life. Here at Selador, we’re delighted to say that ‘Playground’ by Folgar, featuring an unforgettable vocal performance from Paula Os, has hit that particular jackpot.

Our multi-artist Showcase releases frequently produce memorable break out tracks, but in this case, the story cuts deeper. We always get frontline dance floor despatches from label bosses Seaman & Parry and Showcase DJ feedback quickly shows us cuts that are “popping off” as we believe the youth say these days?  What made ‘Playground’ stand out was when the batphone at HQ (or rabbitphone in our case) started a’ringin’ with some of our favourite artists clamouring to remix it. 

And when the message came through from the man himself in Argentina that there was a tubthumper of a breaks mix lurking in the vaults itching to be unleashed (all crunching beats, shimmering synths and ethereal vocal snatches), it was all systems go for a full fat four track package.

“Deep, sexy electronica – 80s vibes through a 2022 Argentinean lens” is how we first described the original, and we stand by those words. Remixers James Harcourt and Agustin Giri both also dug that vibe, but each adds their own unique sonic stamp. James teases and stretches out Paula’s vocal, making it inescapable and anthemic in equal measure, pure peak time. Agustin meanwhile goes deep, dark and tribal, building to a goose-bump inducing vocal breakdown sure to set pulses racing. 

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