Selador Decade EP IV
8 September 2023





Selador Recordings proudly presents:
Various stellar talents collaborating
Release date: 08/09/23
And you thought we were going to stop at three? No siree, not us, always gluttons for punishing ourselves with only the Toppermost Tuneage™.
So, we had a little summer break from the Decade EPs, which enabled us to release some other humdingers.
Now, like D-Mob, we’re back with a vengeance, and it’s time for tracks 12-15 in Selador’s 10th anniversary-celebrating Crate of Colossal Collabs™.
4 more tracks, 8 more artists, and we could easily subtitle this instalment Face Melters R Us™, as purely by coincidence, each dream team was clearly in Peak Time Banger™ mode.
So without any further palaver, here’s the Tunes to Make You Go Hmmmm™.

Quivver & Dave Seaman: ‘Rapid Unscheduled Assembly’
Long time friends, Dave and Quivver have collaborated on releases for Sum Over Histories, Mobilee, Poker Flat & Einmusika over recent months and we’re chuffed to bits their next Certified Floorfiller™ is right here, right now. A must-have Musk-baiter if ever there was one 😉

Oona Dahl & Doc Martin: ‘Soul on Fire (dub)’
Getting our old mucker Doc on the Decade series whilst securing a label debut for Oona were both high on our original wish list when we began planning these EPs. And just as we’d hoped, the two of them deliver and then some. Audio fireworks-a-plenty. Add to Wish Fufilment Overload™ basket.

Magit Cacoon & Lonya: ‘Quantum’
Another debutant meets long-time Seladorian combo, and we couldn’t be to happier to welcome the one and only Magit Cacoon to the label alongside a somewhat unsung talent in The Vanguard of Clubland™, our good chum Lonya. Let the real Quantumania commence.

Murat Uncuoglu & Igor Bartyuk: ‘Laurel’
The man like Murat graces Selador for no less than the fifth time, this time teaming up with Igor Bartyuk, who has been making serious waves over the last couple of years, most notably on the Surrealism and Borders of Light imprints. ‘Laurel’ encapsulates the two minds working as one ethos, clearly Together In Electronica Dreams™.
Team Selador – From House To Techno & All Flavours Inbetween™

Listen, download, stream here > https://fanlink.to/DecadeEP4

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