Selador Decade EP V
10 November 2023





Selador Recordings proudly presents:
Various Artists for the Ages
Release date: 10/11/23

“If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him. We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.” John F Kennedy no less; but a fitting mantra for these troubled times.

Selador continues to strain every sinew to play our part. This year, we have toasted ten rotations round the sun at parties in London, Berlin, Denver and Amsterdam… We have birthed magnificent merch, special editions of ye old magic black plastic and musical firecrackers a-plenty…and of course atop the whole b’day cake, has been our Decade series, which throughout the last few months has commemorated this significant milestone.
Welcome to the fifth and final instalment.

Charles Webster x Ursula Rucker: ‘Begin Anew’
Charles – UK OG, bona fide house music royalty, 35 years of excellence and counting. Ursula – The legendary Philly poet who has been sought out by The Roots, Louie Vega, Hans Bieger, Ron Trent, Josh Wink and more. A dream pairing to produce a future classic.

Bebetta x Smash TV: ‘Hold On’
Smash TV makes a speedy and oh-so welcome return to the Decade series after volume 3’s team-up with Just Her, joining forces this time with fellow Titan of Teutonic Tuneage and long-time Selador favourite Bebetta. The result as you’d expect is majestically melodic and effortlessly euphoric. Hold on tight.

Timo Maas X Robert Babicz: ‘Eine Reise Zu Zweit’
Eine Reise Zu Zweit translates into English as A Trip for Two, and who better to be your guide down the sonic highway than these two esteemed stalwarts of the scene? It broods and it burbles as it shifts through the gears, the perfect accompaniment for your next dance floor or autobahn adventure. Buckle up.

Steve Parry x Mario Franca x Captain Mustache: ‘Nuvem’
A fitting finale to bring down the curtain on our Decade Escapade, this UK-France-Portugal tag team sees boss man Steve in tandem with most welcome label debutants Mario ‘n’ Mustache concocting a rare beauty. Lose yourself as its soul stirring keys and instantly memorable motifs ride serenely over an acidic soundscape.

And there you have it.

The Decade Series. 40 artists, 20 collaborations, 5 EPs, 10 years of Selador.

Ain’t No Birthday like a Selador Birthday.

Thanks you for celebrating with us.

Team Selador


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