Selador Showcase 19 – Part 2
24 May 2024
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Once again we bring you the Joy of Six, as another half dozen belters roll off the Selador conveyor belt, and once again the Quality Control knob is switched all the way up to 11. It’s another truly global showcase too, with no less than four continents and seven countries represented.

So here we go Seladorians everywhere, Part 2 of 3! As you know by now (if you don’t, where ya been hiding?), a stupendous 19 brand new and exclusive tracks have been curated by label boss Steve Parry and our good friend and uber DJ Anthony Pappa, and mixed together in what can only be called a Trunkful of Titanic Tuneage.
Each track is now getting a full release over a series of 3 EPs, and next off the rank, it’s Part Two.

Aikon & Aidentique – ‘Choise’
Starting deep’n’dark before a sexy vocal ushers in chiming riffage, our men in Ukraine clearly mean dance floor business.

Kamilo Sanclemente & Sebastian Valencia (Col) – ‘Doom
We love Colombia, and we love this pure 4am head in a bass bin business from our debuting Colombian dynamic duo.

Andrew Sant – ‘In the Beginning’
In the beginning there was Manchester born / Adelaide-residing Andrew, and one day while viciously throwing down on his box, he said ‘Let there be a jackin’, acidic mind melter on Showcase 19!’

Nick Stoynoff – ‘Your Life’
A welcome Selador return for Windy City maestro Nick, truly putting the melodic into melodic house & techno.

Larossa (AR), SACK (AR) & Martin Tolosa – ‘Ukiyo’
Check this Argentinian dream team, our intrepid trio have conjured up a truly ethereal tune for sweltering summer nights to come.

Evan Duthier – ‘Koutoa’
Live & direct from Aberdeen, they may call it the Granite City, but Evan delivers a shimmering precious stone of a track, an uplifting gem.

Team Selador – dare we say, the sound of the global underground?

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