Selador Showcase 19 – Part 3
1 June 2024
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Hat trick, noun, “three successes of the same kind within a limited period.” That, dear friends, seems like a suitable summary of this here Selador Showcase 19…and if part one was a rasping right foot drive and part two a sweet left foot volley, part three is undoubtedly the unstoppable bullet header that makes it not just a hat trick, but the proverbial ‘perfect’ iteration thereof. Back of the net!

Once again, it’s a truly international affair, with a mix of old friends and warmly welcomed label debutants lined up for your listening pleasure. So without any further ado, let’s introduce the runners and riders…

Levi David & Abigail Bailey – ‘A Better Place’
Anthem alert! A luscious, deep, full vocal beauty that you’ll fall hook line and sinker for on first listen.

Timo Maas and Francesco Mami – ‘Macumba’
Selador stalwart Timo In cahoots with Francesco, Rimini’s renowned riffmeister. Of course it’s a squelchy, bouncy banger!

Tara Brooks – ‘Reactivity’
Deep ‘n’ trippy, ethereal yet still throbbing, Tara fits four season’s worth of moods and styles into six unmissable, action-packed minutes.

Yves Eaux – ‘Don’t Leave Me’
Ambassador you spoil us! This fusion of old school jackin’ and state of the art sounds simply rocks.

Fran Bianco – ‘Ukiyo’
Straight outta Argentina comes this multi-faceted monster, melding acid, funky piano lines, a cheeky vocal, and an insane drop. Party time!

Ben Archbold – ‘Kaleidoscopic Glitch’
Kaleidoscopic by both name and nature, Ben takes us on a tantalising, twisting, turning trip driven by some serious percussion.

Carlos Barbero, Kimao and Mond – ‘Follow Me’
Seladorian favourite Carlos hits the bullseye once more with a trademark dreamy, melodic vocal number that closes proceedings in style.

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Listen, Stream & Download here.. https://paradise.ffm.to/ss19pt3

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