Selador Showcase – The Sweet Sixteenth
19 August 2022





Selador Showcase – The Sweet Sixteenth

Various rather splendid artists

SEL 157

Released 19/8/22

So, we’ve got our latest showcase primed and ready to go and face a dilemma. We have no less than eight (count ‘em) new tracks to tell you about, a stunning sonic smorgasbord that summarises all Selador holds dear. But with collective attention spans allegedly getting shorter, our poor befuddled minds crushed between vapid soundbites and oppressive ‘long reads’ – how do we do them all justice in one concise press release that hits that ‘perfect length’ sweet spot? 

Our solution? To get you as excited as we are about this bountiful batch of titanic tuneage we are limiting ourselves to ten adjective-heavy words per track – all without using the words ‘banger’, ‘anthem’ or ’piledriver’ (the boss noticed our over-use of that last one). So without any further ado, cop for these…

Nick Stoynoff – ‘35’

Episodic, wide-screen, deep, lush business. 24 carat electronica outta Chicago.

Indieveed – ‘Suspense’

Atmospheric, wonky, insistent and distinctive. The sound of underground Ukraine.

Dor Danino – ‘Mezoti’

Edgy, sultry lo-slung techno vibes care of our man in Israel.

Jonathan Cowan – ‘Alden’s Groove’

Timeless, glitchy, bouncy House. A modern classic from a Florida OG.

Darksidevinyl – ‘Plastic Dream’

Dark by name dark by nature. A mighty melodic Egyptian throbber.

Smash TV – ‘Slider’

Teutonic techno don dropping mindbending melodica complete with euphoric breakdown.

Folgar feat Paula Os – Playground

Deep, sexy Indie Dance, 80s vibes through a 2022 Argentinean lens.

Matthias Winnfield – ‘Flatliner’

A peak time, heads-down, rave monster. Full-on Turkish delight.


Bosh! Done! Our Sweet Summer Suite. 

Team Selador – Sweet as!


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