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Selador Recordings proudly presents:

It’s our 10th birthday.
It’s our first vinyl release of 2023.
And if you’ll forgive us for slipping, dare we say somewhat uncharacteristically, into hyperbole – it’s bloomin’ well humungous!

Our anniversary celebrations are centred around a whole host of truly mouth-watering collaborations that we confidently predict will soundtrack the year to come. So, without further ado, please allow us to introduce you to the first batch of runners & riders…

3D (Danny Howells, Darren Emerson, Dave Seaman) ft. Robert Owens: ‘Known Love’
There are few more wondrous sounds in house music than the vocals of the legendary Robert Owens – and we are beyond delighted to have him on the label, in partnership with our very own 3D supergroup. As ever, Robert’s sweet delivery effortlessly walks that tightrope between melancholy and euphoria in this paean to the travails of love. The 3D crew underpin this with a classic bassline and subtle riffing, all of which makes for a contemporary future classic.

Olivier Giacomotto x Quivver: ‘Snailblazer’
Heads down and let’s goooo for this heavyweight Franco-Anglo meeting of minds! OG is truly an OG, and when did the sound of Quivver not make you shiver? Let this sonic sledgehammer act as your SatNav, whether your destination of choice is slap bang in the centre of the dancefloor, perched precariously by booming bass bins, or travelling to electronic nirvana via your headphones.

Dave Seaman x Hernán Cattáneo: ‘Napkin Knowledge’
Some collabs are the result of little more than algorithm manipulation. Others are rooted in longstanding, deep friendships based on mutual respect and love of music. No prizes for guessing which category this gem falls into. Picture yourself in your favourite dancing space, Dave & Hernán are playing back to back – and that beautiful track you’re hearing? It’s right here. Oh, and the title? It references a story Hernán has told many times about a particular piece of DJing knowledge Dave shared with him 20+ years ago on a restaurant napkin in Buenos Aires.

Argia x Jepe: ‘Salitre’
Our next international team up sees Spain repped by rising star Argia, who we’ve wanted on the label for aeons; and the Portugeuse born, now Berlin based, Jepe, making an oh so welcome Selador return after passing his remix assignments with aplomb. Our collaborators here chose each other, and it shows in the resulting magic, a sultry builder that wraps you in its blanket of emotive riffs throughout a life-affirming 8 minute wonder.

Selador Recordings – Since forever!

Release date 21st April


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